Style Renegade
Breaking the rules of haircutting is what David Guerin,  
“The Style Renegade” does best. Not your typical barber
or hairdresser the Renegade goes at hair with whatever
tools are needed. With over 35 years in the beauty
business he knows that there are no rules. There is not
one thing (trend) and anything is allowed.

"If you believe in yourself and have confidence to let your
passion out you know whatever you do is great."
The renegade does not just cut hair standing behind a
chair. He believes that “Hair grows everywhere, it should
be cut everywhere.”

Learning from the renegade is an experience that will
change your expectations of yourself. Nothing is typical
from him.
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upcoming shows
Las Vegas, NV
San Antonio, TX
September 11-12
AMCO World's Fair
July 31-Aug. 2
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